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A little about me...


New to Lake Country, BC, I moved in 2021 with my husband, Kyle, and our two sassy Yorkies, Winnie + Jack. We are living our dream lake-life & love embracing the community here in the Okanagan.


I grew up on a farm just outside of Drumheller, Alberta. It's been in my family for four generations and my Dad still runs it today. I love to visit often and our Thanksgiving meal in the field is one of my favorite things.

In my free time I love to garden, practice daily yoga and Spanish, shop at local markets, take in live music and explore the outdoors! I am an avid traveler, mediocre snowboarder and pretty darn great at making eggs benedict. I also am group fitness instructor and owner of The Glow Hour - an all natural facial studio based in my home in Lake Country, BC.


I've always had a creative and entrepreneurial spirit
and after graduating university in 2009, I decided
to jump into photography and see what
running a creative business is all about!

In 2021, I shifted my energy to focus on
helping entrepreneurs create content
that they can feel excited about sharing!
As a business owner, I understand how
important that first business impression
can be. My love for local and small
businesses drives me to educate and
collaborate with my clients so that they
have cohesive and authentic branding images
that showcase their magic.

Hey hi hello!

2023 Goals

- Finish 5 years of daily Spanish practice (fluency is on the way!)
- Try out a new style of group fitness class / dance class
- Photograph every winery on the Scenic Sip Wine trail

- Planking + yoga on my SUP
- Biking daily with Jack
- Buy a hot tub!

- Send mail to friends + fam just because

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