What's good!?

Hi! I'm Ashley. I live in Edmonton, Alberta with my husband, Kyle and our dogs, Winnie + Jack. I'm an enthusiastic introvert with who loves food, movement and traveling!


I've always had a creative and entrepreneurial spirit and photography became an outlet for me as a teen. Throughout university I began to explore photography more and taught myself the basics. After graduating, I decided to try my hand at running a creative business.  I would have never guessed that over 10 years later I'd still be learning, growing and adapting to the changes and creative fun photography has to offer. I'm really grateful for all the skills, lessons and challenges along the way. They have shaped me in serious ways!

I want your experience with photos to be joy-filled, creative and authentic (whether its for business branding, boudoir, weddings, whatever!) My goal is to make you feel like your true self can show up and turn this daunting thing into something really fun. 

Let's make some magic, shall we?

About Ashley

Facts About Ash


I lead Zumba, stretching and meditation classes weekly - currently all done virtually from my home! I love working with all ages to promote judgment-free movement and mind-body awareness.


I love travelling and especially when I get to bring my camera along with me. My most recent travels took me to Kenya with my mom to volunteer at a girls home for 6 weeks. Next destinations on my list are: Thailand, Spain, South Africa + Bali.


I grew up on a farm just outside of Drumheller, Alberta. It's been in my family for four generations and my Dad still runs it today. Our plans are to find a spot outside the city one day for our own 'forever home' as we miss the quiet country life.


I love food, wine, coffee, pretty much all the things to do with food + drink. I enjoy gardening and cooking/baking with ingredients we grow. I love trying new eats, hitting up local places for food adventures and a good patio brew.


I have a large library of music, records and instruments in our home and love to sing, play, and share music. I am always on the hunt for new sounds and love to make collaborative playlists. Pretty much everything is fair game - from classic rock to grime to samba!

2021 Goals

- Finish 3 years of daily Spanish practice (fluency here we come!)

- Start each day with yoga+medition+me time

- Progress over perfection (my favorite mantra)

- Continue to grow my other business, The Glow Hour 
- Daily walks with my pup, Jack, to help his anxiety

- Find new mentors in all my interests

- Expand my branding clientele and creative projects

- Visit the mountains in each season

- Host a Love Letters 2 Strangers workshop live in Edmonton when it's safe to do so

- Listening to understand vs. listening to respond

- Utilize all the thrift finds in my closet and have fun with fashion